Experience Healthcare that Focuses on You 

Our team of healthcare practitioners collaborate in one convenient location to help you resolve your chronic and acute health problems with comprehensive care. Our breadth of services can help your physical and emotional wellbeing now and support a preventative approach for your health for years to come.

Naturopathic Doctors

Comprehensive Patient-Centered Primary Care

Licensed and regulated naturopathic doctors offering the best in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, injection and IV nutrient therapy, physical exams, blood work and specialized testing; including collaborating with our in house nutritional microscopist.



Hands on Healing

Chiropractic care provides diagnosis, treatment and preventative care for disorders related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system and joints, to restore proper movement and function. 


Registered Massage Therapists

Hands on Healing

Massage therapy benefits both acute and chronic conditions by improving mobility and lymphatic drainage, and reducing pain and muscular tension.


Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

Hands on Healing

Osteopath services involve gentle manual therapy to identify and improve areas of the body that are restricted or not moving properly, allowing proper circulation of the body's blood, lymph, synovial fluid, digestive juices and all other fluids throughout the body enabling it to function and heal more easily.

Therapy Session

Registered Psychotherapist

Mental and Emotional Support

Psychotherapy can offer you insight, support and new strategies to handle life’s difficulties. After identifying what you want help with, we will work together to set goals for therapy and create a treatment plan. Therapy is time that you set aside to explore and work on your mental and emotional health.


Direct Billing

While you're in with your practitioner, our front desk staff will submit your invoice to your health benefits provider on your behalf. 


Open Evenings & Weekends

Our practitioners offer a wide range of availability from 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9-3 on Saturdays to serve you better.

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Online Booking

Browse practitioner schedules and set your appointments at your earliest convenience. 

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Our Story

Hudson Integrative Healthcare was created with you in mind; a comfortable, welcoming space for you to be cared for by a team of healthcare professionals, conveniently in one location.

Owners Melanie Hudson and Sean Kosak knew 7 King Street East would be the perfect location to serve the Stoney Creek and surrounding community and the doors were officially opened September 2018.