"We can presume that the suction effect and elevation of these tissues by vaccuum facilitates and increased local blood supply, which in turn supports an enhanced metabolic uptake of oxygen and feed of nutrients to those parts."
- Bruce Bentles

Acupuncture Additions

Often used in conjunction with your acupuncture treatment, cupping therapy is another form of Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies. 

Traditional use involves cotton ball, soaked in small amount of alcohol to provide the flame, light the flame, put inside the glass cup to create a vacuum to remove the oxygen, then quickly placed on indicated area of body. Dr. Hudson's clinic is flameless; involving smooth plastic cups and a suction pump for a gentle and effective treatment. 


The suction created raises the skin and muscle underneath gentle into the cup - allowing to remove blockages in the acupuncture meridian channel; helping to release the fascia around the muscle, quickly reducing inflammation and pain.  

Topical anti-inflammatory creams may be applied. Anti-inflammatory botanical remedies (herbal supplements) may be prescribed. A range of joint mobility exercises to increase blood flow may be recommended. And a discussion about adequate rest from whatever caused the actual problem; whether overuse or overload may be part of your treatment plan. 

For example a person who has had tennis elbow for a long time; likely has a lot of toxins have built up in that area. Cupping helps remove toxins, restore lymphatic drainage flow and allow for improved healing. 

Cupping Therapy
Gua Sha