Getting Started 

Getting Started with our

Naturopathic Doctors

Your first visit will be 60-75 minutes in length. Your ND will take an extensive patient history eliciting information about your physical, mental, and emotional health. A complaint-oriented physical exam may be performed to get a better idea of your body's signs and symptoms. 


If required, your ND may then suggest further specialized testing including blood tests. By using one or more of the naturopathic disciplines (clinical nutrition, acupuncture, botanical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, physical medicine, lifestyle counselling and homeopathy); your ND will develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals. 


The frequency of subsequent follow ups throughout the year are based on your health goals, progress, and mutual decision between patient and practitioner to course correct so you stay on a path that sets you up for success with your health. 

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.

A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.

A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true."

- Greg S. Reid

Booking a Free 15 min 'Discovery Session'

If you would like more information about how working with a Naturopathic Doctor can help you achieve your health goals; call to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with one of our NDs. You will have the chance to ask questions, tour the clinic, learn more about naturopathic medicine, and get to know how working together will benefit you. *Note: no treatments or therapies will be provided during this visit.*