Hot Stone Massage  

Hot Stone Massage

Looking for a way to recenter, re-balance and rejuvenate? Melt away stress with this style of relaxation massage.

What is an Intuitive Relaxation Massage with Hot Stones?


Unlike an RMT massage, which is very therapeutic and has the purpose of direct and specific physical healing, the purpose of the Intuitive Relaxation Massage is geared more towards increasing the client's state of relaxation and overall physical and emotional wellbeing.  The practitioner for this session is not registered, and therefore this session may not qualify for reimbursement under health insurance plans.


​What are the benefits?

This massage technique helps to release stress and tension from the muscles.  It can improve circulation and hormone functioning.  It can also assist with physical pain relief as well as relieving emotional issues including but not limited to; stress, anxiety and other unwanted emotions that may have built up or become stuck within the body.


What is a session like?


Before the client arrives, the practitioner will clean and prepare the room and will begin warming the hot stones.  Relaxation music is generally used for this session.  This massage is, however, adaptable to many different styles of music.  Should the client prefer a certain type of music, the practitioner will let them know if it is available.


The client and practitioner will begin by having an intake discussion, allowing the practitioner to learn about any current physical and emotional issues that the client is dealing with, as well as any areas of sensitivity or injury to avoid.  The client will then be left to undress to their level of comfort and get comfortable on the massage table, face-down between two fresh sheets with a thin blanket on top.


The practitioner will knock, then enter the room, making sure that the client is comfortable and centred on the table, placing supports under the ankles.  The practitioner will primarily be using a downward pressure technique for this massage, and may intuitively incorporate shaking, kneading, tapping and sweeping motions at any time. 


In the 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions, the practitioner will begin by placing a large towel on the client's back.  The practitioner will then place large and medium sized basalt and jade hot stones on top of the towel on the client's back.  Immediately, the heat from the stones will begin to melt away stress and relieve tension.  The practitioner will massage the client's arms, legs and feet.  Smooth warm stones may be used directly on the client's skin.  The stones will then be re-positioned on the client's legs, while the practitioner massages the client’s back and neck. 

In the 60 and 90 minute sessions, the practitioner will devote extra time in massaging the back, neck and shoulders.  The client will then be asked to roll over and move down the table.  The practitioner will place a folded, clean face cloth over the client's eyes and will then gently massage their face, arms, wrists, hands, stomach, legs and feet. In the 60 and 90 minute session small hot stones will be used, and in the 90 minute session, small and tiny, thin hot stones will also be placed between the fingers and toes.  The 90 minute session also allows more time for the practitioner to address painful areas of the body.


After the session has ended, the client will be left in the room to get up slowly and gather their belongings.  They will be offered a drink of refreshing water.


Are there any contraindications?


Yes.  This massage is not ideal for clients who are pregnant, who are very sensitive to heat, or who are experiencing a migraine at the time of the session.


Clients who are frequently dehydrated, should drink extra water before and after this treatment.


Any clients with Diabetes Mellitus will need to take extra precaution with monitoring their insulin levels closely after the massage.


What do I need to wear or do to prepare?

It is ideal to wear comfortable, thin clothing for this session.  Belts, necklaces, watches and bracelets should not be worn during this massage.  It is not ideal for women to wear a bra with any kind of metal underwire or metal clasps.


You can eat whatever you like before this massage.  Please drink plenty of extra water before and after this treatment.

Hot Stones Massage
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