Lomi Lomi 

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Our holistic relaxation therapist Carolyn is one of the only practitioners of this style of massage in the GTA. She received her training in Hawaii and is excited to bring this unique style of massage to the Stoney Creek and surrounding community. 
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What is Lomi Lomi Massage?


Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian style of massage.  The word "Lomi" in Hawaiian means "to knead". 


This massage works on both the physical and energetic levels.  On the physical level, it is extremely relaxing.  The practitioner uses a light pressure technique with a generous amount of oil.  The client will experience improved circulation and can absolutely experience physical pain relief, although the session is designed to be more relaxing, than specifically therapeutic. 

On an energetic level, this treatment is excellent for clearing the energy body and releasing emotions that may have become stuck or built up, and which if allowed to continue building, could eventually lead to tension or disease in the body.  This massage can be very helpful for clients who are feeling ready to release unwanted or stuck energy and emotions.

In ancient Hawaii, it was the tradition that all adolescents would have a Lomi Lomi session to access guidance and insights, before deciding what they would choose as their profession.  By achieving a deeply relaxed state, clients can receive visions and guidance around their next steps and/or clarity around any issue that they are facing in their daily lives.  

Lomi Lomi is an excellent massage for times of major transition in life such as; just before or after moving, starting or ending a relationship, starting a new job, pre-conception, celebrating or preparing for achievements, goals or milestones, etc. 

What are the benefits?

​Lomi Lomi can be very beneficial and healing for those who are dealing with mental or emotional issues such as burnout,  depression, anxiety, grief, insomnia and lack of trust issues. 

It is an excellent choice to assist with the release of stress, tension, heavy emotions or unwanted energies.  It can help with achieving emotional closure and getting ready for fresh new beginnings.  It is also a great option for those who are seeking to gain clarity around any questions or life issues. 

In the physical sense, this session can increase circulation, hormone production, digestion and relaxation in the body. 

What is a session like?

Before the client arrives, the practitioner takes care in clearing the energy of the room, the table and themselves.  Upon arrival, there will be a short discussion about the client's intentions for the session.  The client will then be left alone to disrobe to their own level of comfort and they will lie face-down on a massage table, under a Hawaiian sarong. 

Sheets are not used in this treatment, but the practitioner takes great care in sanitizing the table cover with a professional grade botanical anti-bacterial and fungicide cleaner.  The massage table for this treatment is heated and the client will experience lying both face down and face up, directly on the table, always draped with a Hawaiian sarong.  The client’s legs and arms are exposed for the duration of this massage. 

Typically, coconut oil is used for this massage, but avocado or grape seed oil can be substituted in cases of allergies.

The session begins with the practitioner stating out loud the intentions for the session.  The massage takes place, to the rhythm of relaxing Hawaiian Hula music.  The client is invited to give the practitioner feedback such as if they are feeling any discomfort or if they are too hot or too cold, however there is little to no conversational talking, happening during the session.   The practitioner’s breath work can resemble the sound of the wind. The movements used in the massage, can resemble the unpredictable waves in the ocean. 


The practitioner's hands and forearms move along the client's body, in different speeds and they are often working on different areas of the client's body, simultaneously.  No two Lomi Lomi's are ever the same.  This technique is designed to confuse the brain, as the client's brain can not predict what will happen next.  The client can become so relaxed that they are able to drop out of their conscious mind and access a deep state of relaxation, where intense physical and emotional healing can take place.

Around halfway and at the end of the session, an additional sarong is used in a sweeping motion to brush away any unwanted energies, from the client's energy field. 

After the massage is complete, the excess oil is removed by the practitioner, using hot towels.   The client is then wrapped in a large towel and left alone to re-dress.

Are there any contraindications?

​Yes.  As this session can increase and improve circulation and hormone production, we recommend that any clients who are currently taking insulin or medications related to insulin levels, agree to regularly monitor their insulin levels after having a session.  


We do not offer Lomi Lomi's during pregnancy, at this time, due to the heated table.


We do not recommend Lomi Lomi for a client who is currently experiencing a migraine headache at the time of the treatment, as the heat from the table could increase the client's level of dehydration and therefore increase the severity of the headache.

What do I need to wear or do to prepare?

You should always only undress to your level of comfort, but is ideal to wear nothing, or very little clothing for this session.  Clothing and jewelry can interfere with the movements of the massage along the side and back of the body, the neck, wrists and hands.  The practitioner can absolutely work around these - however, please note that the oil (which is washable) will definitely get on whatever clothes or jewelry are worn during the session. 


It is ideal to drink a lot of water both before and after a Lomi Lomi session.

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