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Meet Martina

Martina is a nutritional microscopist and a mother of three. It was not until her children were born that she realized the true importance of preventative health and wanted to do everything in her power to feed their tiny bodies with the best possible nutrients and products available. That is when she set off on a journey to acquire education on the true importance of preventative medicine, optimal nutrition, and natural healing. This journey brought her to the healthcare tool of live blood analysis.


Martina can assess the nutritional status of her clients and uncover the nutritional deficiencies, hormonal state, immune functionality of her clients instantly through looking at a drop of their blood under a microscope. 

"Being in the Natural Medicine world has changed by life, and the lives of my little loves at home. I turned to natural medicine when I found dead ends or cyclical pill pushing in healing and wellness with traditional medicine." - Martina

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Martina obtained her Bachelor of Health Science degree in Kinesiology from York University with a minor in Neurophysiology. After graduating, Martina worked in a study lab at York University researching botulin neurotoxins. After having her twins, she pursued her nutritional microscopy training at Edison Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Martina is currently enrolled in the holistic nutrition program at Edison Institute where she will become a registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Services provided:
  • Live Blood Analysis - full blood analysis in clinic. With an assessment and treatment plan to optimize clients health and wellbeing. 

  • Collaborative care with Naturopathic Doctors and influence to treatment plan and patient care.

  • Blood type testing 

Martina's Mission for You

"It is my passion and commitment to my patients to empower, educate and inspire them to care for their bodies, enjoy good food, strive toward making healthy decisions, and give them the tools they need to achieve their health goals and address their health concerns." - Martina

Hobbies and Interests

"Full-time mother of three and wife to my high school sweetheart Mat. I love travelling and exploring with my family. I'm super interested in nutrition and spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking new recipes. I'm also always looking for new DIY recipes and learning about essential oils. My husband and I have spent a lifetime growing up in the local Croatian community in Stoney Creek and in Oakville where you will often find us spending time with family and friends." - Martina

Professional Affiliations 
  • OKA - Ontario Kinesiology Association

Academic History 
  • York University - Toronto, Ontario: Degree, Bachelor of Health Science (hons. Kinesiology). Senior course focus in Neurophysiology

  • Edison Institute: Markham. Ontario: Nutritional Microscopy Certificate in Capillary Puncture

  • Edison Institute: Markham. Ontario: Holistic Nutrition (current study)

Fun Fact about  Martina!
  • "I am a first generation Canadian who comes from a very proud Croatian family. I danced Croatian folklore for 20+ years and my culture helped make me who I am today."