Foot Reflexology 

Foot Reflexology


Foot Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, directed at the feet.  It is based on the premise that everything in the body is connected.  There are reflexes in the feet that connect to every muscle, joint and organ in the body. 


When the reflexes in the feet are stimulated through pressure during a session, an increase in circulation, healing and relaxation can be activated throughout the body. 

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What are the benefits?

Every person is different and will experience different results from Reflexology.  Clients can experience healing and relief of pain in the feet and in other areas of the body as well.   Clients who previously experienced neuropathy, or absence of feeling in the feet, have reported having increased sensation based on regular Reflexology sessions.

Common results of Reflexology sessions include; increased relaxation, improved circulation, improved digestion, and improved sleep.

What is a session like?

The session starts off with a review of the client's intake form and a discussion around any current sensitivity and/or health concerns.  The client will then sit in a comfortable reclining chair or lay down on a massage table. 


Both feet will be washed with an antibacterial solution and both feet will be inspected for foot conditions.  The practitioner will work on one foot at a time and the other foot that is not being worked on, will be wrapped in a clean towel. 


During the Reflexology session the client will be asked to let the practitioner know if they are experiencing any sensitivity, using a pain scale of 1-5.  


The practitioner will make a note of sensitive areas on a foot chart and will let the client know which area of the body the sensitive reflex may co-relate to at the end of the session.  In cases of extreme sensitivity, the client may decide to later contact their Naturopathic Doctor or Medical Doctor to further explore any areas of concern.

Reflexology uses moderate pressure, which does not make the feet feel ticklish.  Most clients find their sessions to be very relaxing and enjoyable. 

After the session is complete, the practitioner will use olive oil to moisturize the feet and will wipe away any excess oil with a towel.  This part is optional and other oils may be substituted, in cases of allergies to olive oil.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes.  Clients with a diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus who are taking medications that affect insulin levels, should be aware that because Reflexology increases circulation and natural hormone production, it could severely affect their insulin levels.  The client is advised to take additional precautions to monitor and manage their insulin levels appropriately.  


In the case where a client is experiencing any kind of painful foot condition, they should first consult with their Naturopathic  Doctor or a Chiropodist.

What do I need to wear or do to prepare?

It is ideal (but not necessary) to have recently washed feet and to wear comfortable clothing for a Reflexology session.  It is a good idea to increase your water intake after the session.

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