This energy-based healing therapy is a great way to gently stimulate a persons body to relax and therefore improve their physical and mental health.  It is perfect for those who are too sensitive for hands-on therapies or who are interested in energetic forms of healing. 

Reiki Treatment
What is Usui Reiki?


Usui Reiki is a style of energy treatment that originated in the Japanese tradition and works with the Sky or cosmic, universal energy.


Usui Reiki can sometimes feel like a strong, fast energy.  It is excellent for working on general, or acute problems and can provide immediate pain relief, such as dissolving the pain of a headache, toothache, or joint aches.

​In a Usui Reiki treatment, the practitioner will connect with universal Reiki energy and then direct it to flow (from the Sky, through the practitioner’s energy body), into the client's energy body.  The therapist can use a light hands-on or a completely hands-off hovering technique.  At times during the session, the practitioner will use a sweeping motion to release and remove stagnant energy.

Fresh Usui Reiki energy from the Sky, increases and improves the circulation and flow of Ki (or life-force) energy in the client's energy field, clearing blockages in their aura and meridian channels, as well as balancing their chakras. 


What is Celtic Reiki?


Celtic Reiki is a style of energy treatment that originated in the Ancient Celtic tradition and was practiced by the Druids.  It works with nature and Earth energies. 

​To those who are sensitive to energy, Celtic Reiki can sometimes feel a bit softer, more yin or feminine than Usui Reiki.  It is excellent for treating long-term illnesses and for help with manifesting specific goals.  It is exceptionally good for treating and relieving symptoms from mental and emotional imbalances, such as depression and/or anxiety.

A custom Celtic Reiki frequency is designed in advance for each client's treatment, to work on any specific issue(s) or goal(s), that the client would like to work on.  There is an additional charge for Celtic Reiki, to compensate the practitioner, for the time spent in preparing the custom frequency.


What are the benefits of Reiki?


Just as every person is unique, every person will receive different, unique benefits from Reiki.  Reiki always helps to improve relaxation and to clear the energy body, chakras and meridian channels of blockages.  When a person's energy system is clear, spontaneous healing can also take place on the physical level.  Clients have indicated experiencing miraculous healing from Reiki on both physical and emotional levels.  Reiki is excellent for assisting with mental and emotional healing.


The most commonly reported benefits of Reiki include; increased relaxation, increased sense of general well-being and acute pain relief.  Reiki is often very effective at clearing headaches and migraines.  Reiki is a very good choice to help a person completely relax before or after any kind of surgery or medical procedure.

What is a session like?


​Before a Reiki session begins, the practitioner will clear the energy in the room, the table and themselves.  An in-person Reiki session will begin with an overview of the client intake form and a brief discussion of any current physical or emotional health concerns. 


In the case of Celtic Reiki, the client's intentions must be given to the practitioner in advance, ideally when booking, to allow the practitioner the time to prepare a custom Celtic frequency to be used in the session. 

The client will lie down on the massage table and be covered with a clean sheet.  The practitioner will state out loud the intentions for the session.  The client can feel free to close their eyes and just relax as the practitioner moves up and down their body using a hands-on or hovering technique over the various body parts, joints and chakras.

The practitioner may use a sweeping motion with their hands, to brush away unwanted energies throughout the session.   After the session is complete, the practitioner will assist the client in sitting up and provide them with a drink of water.


Are there any contraindications?

Yes.  As this session can help to regulate hormone production, we recommend that any clients who are currently taking insulin or medications regulating insulin levels, agree to regularly monitor their insulin levels after having a session. 

What do I need to wear, or do to prepare?

It is best to wear very comfortable clothing for any kind of Reiki session.  In a Usui Reiki session it is ideal to avoid wearing jewelry which could impede or alter the flow of the sky energy.  In a Celtic Reiki session, jewelry is fine, as it is made of materials from the Earth and Celtic Reiki works in alignment with the Earth's energies.

Reiki Treatment
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