Top Ten Reasons to Work with an ND

Top Ten Reasons to See a Naturopathic Doctor

  1. Anxiety and depression

  • Are you struggling with anxious thinking? Have you had panic attacks and are worried about more? Has your mood been stuck in a low funk for weeks, even years?

  • You’re not alone and there’s so much you can do about it to feel better. An ND will help you heal at the root cause of your emotional struggle instead of masking or ignoring symptoms. Learn how your body makes happy neurotransmitters in the first place, how your diet and digestion system affects your mood and what you can do about it.

  1. Children’s health

  • Are you concerned about your kids health? Is your child catching every bug that goes around? Are they showing signs of allergies, eczema, or indigestion?

  • From gentle home remedies you can learn to boost immunity to illness prevention, working with an ND will help you give your child a healthy start.

  1. Chronic disease management

  • Do you want help managing your symptoms and supporting your body naturally? Do you have a family history of certain diseases you’re worried about for yourself?

  • Work with an ND to address the root cause of your health conditions as thorough as possible so that your healing and reduction of symptoms can be maximized. Whether there’s cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or autoimmunity in your health or family history, let’s work together to improve you health; potentially reducing your dependency of prescription drugs.

  1. Digestive issues

  • Does your stomach hurt? Are you bloated? Are foods not sitting well with you these days? Are your bowel movements irregular?

  • This is especially an area where naturopathic doctors excel, which is a good thing because a common philosophy in natural healthcare is that ‘all diseases start in the gut’. From chronic diseases, skin complexion to headaches a lot of your body’s health concerns may be originating form the state of health of your gastrointestinal system. Let’s start there!

  1. Fatigue and burnout

  • Are you feeling tired everyday? Using coffee and craving sugary snacks or carbs to make it through your work day?

  • We’ll talk about why your body feels the way it does, what hormone imbalances may be developing because of stress, their long term consequences and what you can do about it to rebuild yourself and support stress resilience.

  1. Fertility

  • Have you made a decision to discontinue the birth control pill? Are you planning on having a baby soon? Have you been trying for a while without success? Are you looking for natural solutions before invasive procedures?

  • Get to know your fertility, understand your hormone cycles, figure out where fertility challenges are arising and learn what you can do about it, and plan for a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Hormone health

  • Do you feel like your hormones are out of control?

  • From painful or irregular periods, insomnia, irritability, anxiety and other physical symptoms of hormone imbalances; get to know your body and use natural therapies to restore its balance.

  1. Nutrition and natural medicines

  • Are you trying to eat healthier? Have you been buying natural health products hoping they are right for you? Are you interested in learning more about healthy eating, natural medicines and self care habits?

  • Working with a naturopathic doctor will help you understand what foods are healthiest to eat for your body and your unique set of health concerns and narrow down your supplement routine to only necessary high quality, well-researched products at a therapeutic dose for you.

  1. Pain relief

  • Are you recovery from an injury? Do you suffer from chronic pain? Did you hurt your back? Do you have repetitive strain from your job? Do you have chronic joint pain or swelling?

  • Physical health is so important and your quality of life will be so affected by pain. Let an ND help you reduce the inflammation in your body from the inside out, use natural therapies including acupuncture to reduce pain and stimulate your body’s natural healing capabilities.

  1. Weight management

  • Are you struggling with weight loss? Has your weight gone up and down without feeling like you are in your optimal body?

  • Working with an ND about your body composition will help you understand why weight loss isn’t all about the number on the scale but rather how much lean body mass you have in ratio to how much storage tissue (fat) you have. We’ll use fat loss and strength gaining strategies to transform your body composition, improving your hormone balance and blood sugar regulation while you reach your goal.

These are the types of patients I work with everyday, why I love what I do and why I’m confident that I can help you.

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