How to Make your own Moisturizing Body Butter - DIY Recipe

One of my favorite recipes for DIY body butter is one I call "Pure White Grapefruit". The consistency is smooth, the smell is fresh and the ingredients are safe and simple. EnjoY!


  • Coconut Oil (organic) – 85 grams

  • Shea Butter (refined) – 140 grams

  • Macadamia nut oil – 2tbsp

  • Grapefruit Essential oil – 20 drops


Measure out coconut oil and shea butter. Chop shea butter into smaller pieces to help it melt faster. Add these solids to a glass measuring cup and insert the cup into a small pot of boiling water to create a double boiler. Be careful the water level in the pot is less than half full so as to prevent the water from overflowing into the measuring cup once boiling.

When the solids are melted, remove from heat. Add the macadamia nut oil – or substitute for another nutritive carrier oil like jojoba oil or avocado oil.

Add 20 drops of a skin-safe essential oil of your choice. Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lavender, Rose; all of these work well as body butter scents. Mix well.

Pour into stainless steel mixing bowl, cover and leave in the freezer to solidify for about 40-60 minutes. If you are multiplying the recipe, it’s best to use multiple mixing bowls so the hot oil can cool down quicker than if you were to pour it all into one big bowl.

Ideally the body butter has solidified enough to be difficult to mix by hand but not too frozen that you can’t work with it.. If you’ve left it in the freezer too long, just leave room temperature on the counter until it’s usable. Use an electric mixer either handheld of Kitchenaid work well and whip the body butter into a frosting-like consistency.

Spoon into jars of your choice. Each recipe makes 1 ¼ cup or approximately 8 oz. Wide mouth mason jars work well. Stable at room temperature, and will easily last a year. Just caution people to patch test a small amount on the back of the hand to check for any allergies before use.


I like to get my ingredients in bulk from New Directions Aromatics and often my packaging from Saffire Blue. I do not have any affiliation with these companies.

Keep in touch

Please feel free to share any questions or comments with me at and happy crafting! If you make a batch please share on social media and use #hihealthcareDIY

Sincerely, Dr. Melanie

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