Have You Tried Contrast Showers?

At Home Hydrotherapy

With the cold weather quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how we can stay healthy this winter season. Contrast showering is a quick and easy technique that can be done at home throughout the fall and winter months to help boost your immune system. Here’s how simple it really is:

1. At the end of your normal shower routine, shower in hot water for about 90 seconds.

2. After that, switch the tap to cold and shower in cold water for 30 seconds.

3. Repeat this cycle 3-5 times and always be sure to end on cold water!

* The key thing to remember is that the duration of the hot water should always be 3x longer than the cold.

So how does this elicit a therapeutic effect? When you’re under the hot water, your blood vessels dilate. When you’re under the cold, your vessels constrict. Therefore, alternating between hot and cold creates a “pumping” action which helps to increase your circulation, stimulate your immune system, and promote the removal of bodily toxins.

Tip: The greater the difference in water temperature, the more effective the treatment is. However, if you really don't enjoy showering in cold water, start off by setting the temperature to the hottest and coldest you can handle. After repeating this treatment a few times, try making the temperature difference more and more drastic. You can also try friction-rubbing your arms and legs during the 30 seconds of cold (I've found this to be very helpful!).

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