Meet Sunny Ho

Sunny is a licensed Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. He believes in the body’s innate ability to self-heal and self-regulate at a greater capacity when the body’s structural integrity is brought to a balance. When this is achieved, the body will be able to provide nutrients and nourishment to areas that were deprived previously and aids in preventing further development of disease. The collective functions of our muscles, joints, organs and neurovascular systems working in harmony is essential for our health.

Sunny uses various principle based manual techniques to facilitate the health of individuals with acute and chronic issues that include:

  • muscular pains/strains

  • improper lymphatic drainage

  • joint pain

  • pelvic pain

  • neck/back pain

  • visceral discomfort

  • digestive issues

  • stress and anxiety 

  • pregnancy care

  • posture 

  • and many more.

With the body functioning as a unit, the body will be able to have long lasting effects for healing and maintaining without as much dependency on pharmaceuticals. 

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Sunny graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy with a Master in Practice Diploma of Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences with over 1000 hours of practical hands-on training. Previous to his osteopathy training, Sunny obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree - Molecular Bio and Genetics Program from McMaster University.

Sunny enjoys mentoring students as their preceptor and educate groups about assessment and the 

professional clinic setting.

Services provided:
  • Osteopathic manual treatments

    • Manual osteopathic treatments incorporate the classical principles of application for various techniques, such as, myofascial release, facilitated positional release, strain/counterstrain, ligamentous articular release, muscle energy, as well as including long and short lever approach.

  • Populations of interest

    • Pregnancy 

      • "Life is beautiful and working to help those who are susceptible to pain during the body’s preparation for physiological and structural changes."

    • Athletes: Cyclist, rotational sports (golf hockey badminton etc), Powerlifters, Bodybuilders

      • "These are all hobbies of mine and I’ve studied the sports and rehab for them."

Clinic Recognition​
  • Hamilton Spectator Readers' Choice Awards 2020

    • Diamond Winner - Best Osteopathic Clinic 

  • Hamilton Spectator Readers' Choice Awards 2020

    • Diamond Winner - Best Osteopathic Clinic 

  • Hamilton Spectator Readers' Choice Awards 2019

    • Platinum Winner - Best Osteopathic Clinic 

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Sunny's Mission

During Sunny’s undergraduate at McMaster University he discovered his true passion is in helping others. When he was volunteering at Hamilton Health Sciences in the prosthetic and orthotic department he experienced the excitement of patients as they were being nurtured and cared for. The orthotics were customizable all according to the patients wants, which in turn made their experience being in a hospital much better.


"Sharing and celebrating the joy and happiness of individuals in healthcare shaped my path in becoming an Osteopathic Practitioner."

Professional Affiliations 
  • Ontario Osteopathic Association (OOA)

  • Osteopathy Canada (OstCan)

Sunny is a member of the Ontario Osteopathic Association, which has the highest standard of osteopathic education in Ontario; which means that anyone seeking extended health coverage for osteopathic treatment can feel assured that they will be reimbursed according to their health benefit plan policy. 

Academic History 
  • Canadian Academy of Osteopathy

    • Master in Practice Diploma of Osteopathic Manipulative Science Diploma (4 Years Full-time)

  • McMaster University

    • Bachelor of Science Degree, Molecular Bio and Genetics Program

Hobbies & Interests

When he is not practicing osteopathy, Sunny enjoys meditating daily and spending time in nature hiking, backpacking and chasing waterfalls. 

Fun Fact about Sunny
  • Sunny's knows how to perform card magic!